Congratulations to the selected finalists for our next edition of Cats with Thumbs.

In no particular order:

Petrichor by  Margie Riley

Bull Train by John Grey

Man with Scar by John Grey

A Memory of Reading the War Poets aged 15,  Jonathan Jones

Risks and Regrets Katherine Givens

Lady in the Water  by Carolyn D. Elias

I, Bullet by Carolyn D. Elias

Who She Wasn’t by Scott  Jones 

Bright and Beautiful by Peter Baxter

Where the Coward Hides by Katherine Givens

Fears Presence by  Rebekah Galas

Mist by  Rebekah Galas

Cold by Valentina Cano

My Life by Hal O’Leary

Publication is expected within a fortnight.


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