Edition 4 is now available

edition 4

This edition is dedicated to the theme of Exploration where words question our mortality, our time allotted to us, provoking us to live our dreams and aspirations, and to explore the miracles of the world around us.

The grey area between poetry and the short story has blurred to an indescribable smudge over the past year. The emergence of dribbles, drabbles, hint, smoke, twiction, sudden pros, threshold fiction, nano, micro fiction, short shots and flash makes categorising these forms extremely difficult.

So with this in mind, our contributors will not have their work boxed into a set category, but rather, the words be allowed to mingle to create a beautiful experience for the reader.

We are also very blessed to have the artistic works from A Mitchell and Wayne Burke.

Our contributors include:

Margie Riley

 John Grey

 Jonathan Jones

Carolyn Elias

Katherine Givens

Carolyn Elias

Scott Archer Jones

Rebekah Galas

Valentina Cano

Hal O’Leary

Peter Baxter

The latest issue is available here –  CWT Edition 4  is a free download.  Please distribute amongst your network.


About Annie Evett

Writer, Thaumaturg, Mum. Purveyor of Fine Characters, Words and Storylines. Prolific scribbler of speculative fiction, feminist literature, romance, adventure and non fiction exploring darker themes in urban mythicalism.
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