November 2014 Short List

We are delighted to announce our shortlist for the November Edition of Cats with Thumbs.

These are both short stories and poems, listed in no particular order. The quality and standard was extremely high, so it will be difficult to select our final collection for our next edition.

The Road to Longreach – Mary Mageau

Dam and Colt – Amelia Mills

Homecoming – Mary Mageau

My pen My Gavel – silent Lotus

Haiku – Kim Johnson

A rose taught me  – Gary Hunter

Pajamas – Brandon Ayre

Once Upon a Stradivarius – Tim Greaton

Curve – Heather Wyatt

The Virtually Impenetrable Distance Between Here and There – Susan Steinkamp

The Wholly – Dejuan Johnson

The Spanish Chalice –  Warren Glover

Gullibility – David Dobereiner

Tastes of Blue – Warren Glover

A wardrobe in a Hotel Bedroom – Warren Glover.

Poems of Blackbirds – Gary Hunter

One Long necked Journey – Gary Hunter

Bobby – Suvi Mahonen

Happiness Halfway – Gary Hunter

FAILURE – chris smith

Preamble to the Warm up – silent lotus

her Foreplay was not my religion  – silent lotus

Skinny Arno, a Tail of Finland – Morgan Elliot

Ashore – Sreyash Sarkar

Rainy Day  Changming Yuan

Inmaculada Concepción – Kim Farleigh

Deeper and deadlier Gary Pierlugi

Two Men and a Gun – Frank Scozzari

Life Thereafter – George Djuric

Coulrophobia – Stephanie Kerr

The Waves of a Memory – Morganne Phillips

Big Earl Wants a Girl – Patrick Welsh

Lions – Janet Shell Anderson

Storm Brewing – Don Fredd

the christmas cake – Greg Bogaerts

Violin and the Frog Motion – Tim Greaton

Violin Intentions – Tim Greaton



About Annie Evett

Writer, Thaumaturg, Mum. Purveyor of Fine Characters, Words and Storylines. Prolific scribbler of speculative fiction, feminist literature, romance, adventure and non fiction exploring darker themes in urban mythicalism.
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