Apologies to our readers and submitters.

March 2014 announcement – We owe you an apology. Personal circumstances, which have then led to a tragic end, have put the publication at the back end of a priority list for a long time. Please be assured that this is temporary and we will return for Novembers issue.

During this time, our lovely writers have submitted your cherished work and heard nothing back from us; and our readers have become bored in waiting for the next magazine. It’s a frustrating situation to be in and all we can do is to ask for your understanding in what has been an extremely difficult time.

The editors at Cats with Thumbs appreciate the time it has taken the writers in polishing and preparing for submission and although we are still on a break from publishing at the moment, we look forward to reading the pile of work submitted. We will contact writers when the publication is ready to go into production again.

In the mean time, we do understand writers submit to multiple markets, so should your piece be accepted or published elsewhere, please let us know.

We would also urge you to submit to an extremely exciting modality of publication utilising the masses fascination of portable IT – the smart phone. Please check out Etherbooks on http://writers.etherbooks.com where you can submit your poetry, fiction and non fiction, articles and recipes and have it in the hands of readers around the world in a short amount of time. Ether and Cats with Thumbs are happy to work with each other and equally happy for writers to submit and have their work published with the other. When you submit to them, just let them know that you are from “Cats with Thumbs” – they will be expecting you!

Should you write flash fiction, you may also be interested in submitting work to the Twisted Tales Anthology over at https://ragingaardvarkpublications.submittable.com/submit/28748

Please accept this apology and huge thank you for understanding.


About Annie Evett

Writer, Thaumaturg, Mum. Purveyor of Fine Characters, Words and Storylines. Prolific scribbler of speculative fiction, feminist literature, romance, adventure and non fiction exploring darker themes in urban mythicalism.
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